Ebola Gives Rise To Opportunists, Frauds And People With Morbid Ideas

Some people’s fascination with all things Ebola is seriously sickening.

According to a recent poll by Harvard School of Public Health, 26 percent of Americans believe someone in their family will get sick with the Ebola virus in the next year, and close to 40 percent of us believe the country is destined for a major Ebola outbreak.

The fear is real.

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However, even scarier is some people’s obsession with the deadly disease. Fear has apparently given rise to fascination. People are out looking for all sorts of collectibles and paraphernalia related to Ebola.

And of course, anticipating the need, there already are products in the market.

The following are just a few examples of what you can get online:

Need a bit more variety?

Here you go:

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Roger Freeman, president of Encino, a California-based company selling four styles of its Ebola necktie, says, the Ebola items were in stock before the current epidemic started, but only now have they picked up demand. “We had a similar heightened interest during the 2001 anthrax scare,” Freeman said.

Wow, that does tell you something about the human psyche, doesn’t it?

All businesses are lining up to cash in on the market demand. eBay is offering a “Keep Calm It’s Only Ebola” T-shirt as well as a “pro-Kleenguard XP-Biohazard Ebola Protection Kit” comprising a disposable bunny suit, vented goggles, latex gloves and a medical-waste bag, all for $100.

No, we kid you not.

Businesses of all sorts (read: fake and opportunistic) have started making the most of the situation. There are online vendors offering all sorts of questionable cures for Ebola.

Unfortunately there are bound to be people who would fall for unscrupulous cheats like these. The Food and Drug Administration has made it clear publicly that there is no cure for the disease and has cautioned people not to fall for scams.

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