Ecuador Detains 40 Police Suspects Following Revolt

"The interior ministry said the detained officers were being investigated to see if they should be charged. Mr Correa had to be rescued by the Ecuadorean army last Thursday during a violent protest by police officers over cuts to their benefits. He insists the unrest was a coup attempt. President Correa said he was determined to ""purge"" the police force to prevent officers from forming ""extreme right-wing paramilitary groups"". ""We will investigate all these things and try to take all precautions so there will not be a repeat,"" he said. But he added that the unrest had only involved a minority of the police force. ""This insubordination was limited to a few hundred officers, from a force of 42,000 national police,"" he said. ""We cannot blame the institution for a group of police officers who have denigrated their position."""