Edhi: The Legacy VIDEO

The Edhi name needs no introduction in the humanitarian circles in Pakistan and abroad. However, it is the founder Abdul Sattar Edhi that garners most of the attention.

Formed as a non-profit social welfare program in 1947 with barely Rs.5000, the Foundation’s network that spans over 250 Edhi Welfare Centers and 6000 Volunteers. Edhi Foundation provides 24-hour emergency assistance across Pakistan and abroad. Mr. Edhi is synonymous with humanitarianism in Pakistan – where despair is in abundance and corruption, drug running and violence are a norm.

‘Simple’: one word that captures the essence of Edhi – from his way of conversing with people to running his vast organization – everything is terribly simple; and because of that, for an outsider, quite complex.

Edhi is very well aware he’s mortal. Carbonated.TV met with him in an effort to find out what the future of the Edhi organization would be without him. Would Edhi’s legacy stand the test of time?

Edhi believes so…
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