EDL Gets Slammed By Help For Heroes Charity While Its Protesters Receive Tea And Biscuits At York Mosque

A British charity for Forces known as Help For Heroes refused to accept contributions from the far-right group English Defense League (EDL).


A British charity for Forces known as Help For Heroes refused to accept contributions from the far-right group English Defense League (EDL).

Following the brutal Woolwich attack on British soldier Lee Rigby, Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL organized an online fundraiser on JustGiving.com. But Robinson’s charity was not accepted by Help For Heroes.

According to a spokesman for the charity, Help For Heroes is not a political organization therefore it will not accept any money coming from any politically motivated fundraiser such as the EDL. In fact, the charity has also refused to take funds from any member of the far-right group.

The decision has left the members and supporters of the infamous EDL outraged. Several of them are protesting against Help For Heroes for not accepting the funds raised by Tommy Robinson.

There are also some people who think that the charity’s decision was absolutely right and they shouldn’t accept money coming from a ‘racist’ group.

While the EDL got shunned by a British charity, Muslims at the York Mosque welcomed the far-right protesters with tea and biscuits. Around half a dozen people gathered outside the mosque to protest against Muslims and Islamic teachings. The situation was rather volatile and there was a high chance of violence between the two groups present at the spot but the Muslims invited the EDL activists to the mosque and offered them a treat including custard creams, tea and biscuits which was followed by a friendly football game.


Muslims, instead of fighting violence with violence, decided to greet the EDL protesters peacefully. The people in the mosque stood with placards and signs in their hands saying ‘York Mosque welcomes anyone who condemns extremist violence.’ This melted down the intentions of the demonstrators who later enjoyed tea with Muslims. Heartwarming, isn’t it?

The English Defense League has yet again emerged in the news for all the wrong reasons following the murder of Lee Rigby. Their involvement in hate speech against Muslims and protests against Islam is fueling anti-Muslim sentiment in the UK when already Islamophobic crimes and incidents are on the rise.

The incident at the York Mosque underlines the fact that there are Muslims in the UK who do not support vandalism and violence. They are willing to co-exist peacefully with everyone in the society which is actually the true message of Islam.

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