Egypt: Mohamed Morsi Supporters Wave Black Al-Qaeda Flags, Threaten To Slaughter Opposition (VIDEO)

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s supporters were spotted on the streets waving black al Qaeda flags.

In attempt to counter the anti-Morsi protests that erupted this weekend.

Millions of Egyptians flooded into the streets on the first anniversary of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi's inauguration on Sunday to demand that he resign in the biggest challenge so far to rule by his Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brotherhood is a notorious and allegedly illegal organization responsible for heinous crimes in Egypt including sexual assaults on women at Tahrir Square.

The people in the video above are ultra-conservative Salafists holding black al Qaeda flags and are chanting out threats to slaughter opposition activists, according to local sources. ABC news reported that the Muslim Brotherhood has also been organizing frequent but smaller rallies against Tahrir Square mass demonstrations. The ABC news reporter described the Brothers as “serious looking men, mostly bearded, many wearing construction helmets and holding clubs.” Along with the clubs, the men also held nunchucks, chains and batons in their hands and said that they were meant for their protection.

The Muslim Brotherhood men complained to the Western media that they were focusing more on the anti-Morsi protesters and less on them which was quite unfair. According to the Brothers, the Tahrir Square demonstrators are not just anti-Morsi, they are anti-Islam as well and the Egyptian President’s supporters were ready to lay down their lives for Islam.

Given the circumstances, Morsi's hardline Islamist allies in al-Gamaa al-Islamiya want him to call a referendum on early presidential elections to avoid bloodshed and a military coup, according to news reports.

You can watch Morsi’s supporters chanting out slogans in the video above.

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