Egypt Party To Boycott Vote Despite Struggle

One of Egypt's main opposition parties said it is sticking by its move to pull out of parliamentary elections despite violent inter-party disagreements over the decision on Thursday.

Supporters and opponents of the vote boycott faced off outside the party headquarters in Cairo and later even inside the building, pushing and shouting before a final announcement about the boycott was made.

""We will withdraw from the elections because we want to stand with the people and not with a fraudulent parliament,"" said party leader Al-Sayed al-Badawi, after hours of closed door deliberations with party leaders.

Egypt's oldest party, the Wafd has seen its popularity decline dramatically over the years amid accusations it has become to close too the government. Pulling out of elections, however, damages the legitimacy of the contests meant to showcase the country's democracy and was an uncharacteristically bold move for the Wafd.

""I wanted the Wafd to boycott the election because the rigging we saw this time has been unprecedented in the history of Egypt,"" said Tareq Younis who ran under the Wafd ballot in a suburb of Cairo. ""If we stay in the election then we give legitimacy to the theater the government has put us through."" "