Outraged Allies Demand Answers After Star Pupil Scores 0 On All Tests

A top student in Egypt has scored zero in not one but all seven important exams, and people are going crazy. Could this be a possible case of corruption?

Maryam Malak

After achieving nearly perfect marks in all her previous exams, an Egyptian star student Mariam Malak suddenly scored zero on not one but all seven of her exams, causing a massive uproar not only in her own country, but all over the world.

The young girl, who wants to pursue a career as a doctor, was absolutely shocked when she didn’t find her name among the top scorers list.

“I was completely shocked. I couldn't hear anyone, I couldn't speak. I thought how can that happen? How can I zero?" Malak said while talking to BBC trending.

The Egyptian Ministry of Education claimed Malak deserved the marks, which would only be possibly if she answered every single question on every single test incorrectly. At first, her parents thought this was a case of sheer discrimination, since they belong to the minority group of Coptic Christians, but it appears to be more of a corruption case than anything else.

“Either the school or the examination board swapped her papers with another pupil who obviously wasn't doing as well,” said the girl’s brother, Mina.

Officials involved in investigating the case made Malak take five handwriting tests and even then claimed her handwriting absolutely matched the exam booklets. However, when Malak took a handwriting test on live TV, it's beyond clear her handwriting doesn't match the test papers, which has left everyone confused and angry.

“We believe in God's justice and the law and watching the support and solidarity we've been receiving from people gives us a bit of reassurance," added Mina Malak. "We want an impartial and transparent committee to re-open the investigation and redo her handwriting test... we will continue until we do justice by Mariam.”

People have taken the case to social media where hashtag #IbelieveMariam has been trending in support of the girl.

Furthermore, Egypt’s Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has assured the public that he will look into the case till it reaches a conclusion.

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