Elderly German Woman Declared Dead Wakes Up Screaming In Mortuary

Alone, disoriented, surrounded by dead bodies, in a refrigerator unit. No living person in sight, no one to tell that you're still alive. What if no one comes for you? It's a person's worst nightmare.

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A 92-year-old German woman (name undisclosed) was pronounced dead at a retirement home, as her doctor could not detect any breathing or pulse. She was taken to a Berlin mortuary for funeral preparations, and left inside a refrigeration room.

refrigeration room

Hours later, she awoke screaming. A funeral employee thankfully heard her, or else she might have been left inside over the night—an ordeal that few people could endure, let alone such an elderly woman.

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Unfortunately, two days after she was transported to a local hospital, she was pronounced dead once again—this time for certain. Essen prosecutor Birgit Juegens stressed that the woman’s death was the result of heart disease, and not of distress caused by the doctor’s gruesome error. Nonetheless, it is deeply upsetting that one of the woman’s last experiences was such a traumatic one.

It’s a person’s worst nightmare—to wake up to find oneself buried alive, knowing that no one will come for you once you’ve been declared dead. This woman was found before she could be interred, so she didn’t wake up in a coffin underground, as others in her position often have. But she did wake up alone, likely surrounded by corpses, with no living person in sight to tell that she was still alive.

92-year-old woman wake up in funeral home after being declared dead

The offending doctor, whose name has also not been disclosed, has been charged with negligent bodily harm. If convicted, he could face a prison sentence. 

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