Elderly Woman Found Stuffed in Suitcase at Tokyo Train Station

Not the type of body bag you normally expect. JR Tokyo Station’s unclaimed luggage staff discovered something rarely seen at the average lost and found: a suitcase with a corpse inside.

Media reports say that the bright yellow travel bag was left in an unlocked coin-operated locker on April 26thThe suitcase sat in locker for a month, but when no one came to claim the bag it was removed and opened by the station staff. According to an employee there was a strange smell coming from the bag, which was probably the first sign that nothing good would be inside.

“There was an abnormal odor and he saw hair,” said Chiemi Sugimoto, a spokesman for JR Tokyo Retail Net, which is in charge of the coin lockers.

According to the Japan Times the woman appeared to be between 70 and 90-years-old and was 140 centimeters tall (4ft 7in) without any apparent signs of struggle or injury. The bag she was stuffed into measures 70 cm by 50 cm by 25cm.

Authorities are still looking into the cause of the death and the body has yet to be identified. Tokyo police say they are examining security camera footage from the past few weeks to see if they can get any leads on who may have dropped off the bag and body; a task that may take some time considering JR Tokyo is one of the busiest stations in the country with more than 3,000 trains coming through daily.

This is the second body found stuffed into a luggage bag within a week. A travel bag with a body curled inside was found left near Philadelphia International Airport May 28th

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