Elephant In Indonesia Found Dead And Without Tusks

Although efforts have been in place to help stop poachers, it is almost too late.

Sumatran elephant found dead without tusks in Indonesia

In Aceh, Indonesia a Sumatran elephant has been discovered dead, without its tusks. 

This shows that poachers are still getting away with terrible acts that are leaving a beautiful species helpless.

The 25-year old male elephant was found within a palm oil plantation, with gunshot wounds in its body.

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Because of loss of habitat and poachers, as well as other causes, elephants are now critically endangered. 

If nothing can be done about poachers, elephants might go extinct in the next three decades, along with so many other animals that are at risk.

Although conservationists are doing what they can to protect animals from the dangers of humans, there is only so much they can do to keep up with the poachers.

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