Elizabeth Warren Delivers Epic Teardown Of Tea Party (Video)

Elizabeth Warren chastised the Tea Party for their vague criticisms and tore into them for breaking government and then whining that government is broken.

Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) unabashedly believes in government, the U.S. government in particular, and more than any other politician, including President Obama, Warren makes the case for government simply and clearly. She stands in stark contrast to the Tea Party Representatives who don’t think much of government. They mostly see government as getting in the way without offering much in return.

Elizabeth Warren made a speech punching back against the Tea Party:

“When I hear the latest tirades coming from some of the extremists in the House, I am struck by how vague some of these complaints are. The anarchy gang are quick to malign government. But when is the last time someone called for regulators to go easier on companies that put lead in children’s toys, or for food inspectors to stop checking if meat in our grocery stores is crawling with deadly bacteria, or for the FDA to ignore whether morning sickness drugs will cause horrible deformities in little babies.”

The babies are dying line is a little much, but it’s true that conservatives tend to attack “government” or “regulations” more than specific items that can be debated. Warren’s line about meat crawling with bacteria proved to be sadly accurate. A salmonella outbreak has sprung up in 18 states, and the government regulators who would usually be working to contain it are furloughed.

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But Elizabeth Warren did more than chastise the Tea Party for their vague criticisms. She tore into them for breaking government and then whining that government is broken:

“You can do your best to make government look like it doesn’t work when you stop it from working. You can do your best to make government look paralyzed when you paralyze it. You can do your best to make government look incompetent through your incompetence and ineffective through your ineffectiveness.

“But sooner or later the government will reopen, because this is a democracy and this democracy has already rejected your views. We have already chosen to do these things together, because we all know that we are stronger when we come together.”

On that last point, Warren is right that Americans rejected the anti-government view in 2012, but they were all about in 2010. What happens in 2014? We’re about six months from having good guesses and a year from knowing. In that time, Democrats would do well to get Elizabeth Warren in front of cameras as much as possible to keep making their case.

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