Email to Gingrich Supporters Has Bizarre Twist

An email sent to Newt Gingrich's entire list of supporters from his failed run at the Republican nomination offers a very strange prediction.

Several revelations came out of an email sent to Newt Gingrich’s supporters, and they are far more interesting than the one you can read in headlines: that Obama is going to win. Yes, that’s why we are hearing about this email at all—it’s normal for political operatives to speak their actual opinions amongst each other, but embarrassing when something off-message spills out. No, what’s newsworthy here are who actually sent the email and what it actually said.

Gingrich’s name makes this more of a story, but he wasn’t the one who sent the email. Nor was it one of his aides (he always had trouble hanging on to them anyway). No, the writer was Porter Stansberry, an investor, financial analyst and…interesting person. Why was he given access to Gingrich’s email list? Because defunct campaigns apparently regularly rent their email lists to advertisers. What you expected they would just sit on something of value and not cash it in? I guess the cynical business side of politics can still surprise me once in a while.

But the weirder part is what the email actually says: that what we have to worry about is Obama’s third term. This would require a constitutional amendment, which would need to be ratified by 38 of the 50 states. What could possibly make his support bloom from around 50% of the country to a whopping 75%?

Well, according to Mr. Stansberry, something is coming in 2015 that will lead to a great new era of American prosperity. What is this amazing thing? Shale oil in Montana and North Dakota. The problem, of course, is that it will cause an enormous economic boost, which will in turn make Obama extremely popular and allow him to continue on his quest to making America a socialist, totalitarian nation, just like FDR almost did.

Well, you knew that was coming right? If you think Obama is gunning for a third term, you surely also think he’s a socialist terrorist from who knows where. Yeah, let’s ignore his four years of center-left dealmaking with more than enough room for corporations to continue exploiting the environment, campaign finance laws and their own regulations. The fear of socialism on the right is strong and unfounded as ever.


Image credit: Reuters

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