Emanuel's Name Can Be On Chicago Ballot, Illinois High Court Rules

"The Illinois Supreme Court has issued a ruling allowing Rahm Emanuel's name on the Chicago mayoral ballot.

The court was considering a previous appellate court ruling that the former White House chief of staff does not meet the state's residency requirements for mayoral candidates. The state Supreme Court granted a stay on that decision and agreed to a motion for an expedited ruling.

Emanuel is due to be in a mayoral debate Thursday night with the other major candidates: Gery Chico, Miguel del Valle and Carol Moseley Braun.

The election is set for February 22. "

(USA Today)
The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that Rahm Emanuel is eligible to run for mayor of Chicago and ordered him to stay on the ballot.

Earlier this week, an Illinois appellate court declared that the former White House chief of staff did not meet Chicago's requirement that candidates for mayor have to "reside" in the city for a year before seeking the office.

The court ruling is here. The seven-member Supreme Court unanimously agreed that the appellate court's basis for declaring Emanuel ineligible was "without any foundation in Illinois law."

The legal wrangling has captivated Chicagoans for weeks. Emanuel's residency was challenged, in part, because he had rented out his house and lived in Washington while serving as President Obama's top aide.

A local elections board initially ruled in his favor and a that ruling was upheld by a circuit court, only to be overturned by appellate judges and now decided by the state's highest court.

Emanuel was initially booted off the ballot earlier this week, but won a reprieve while the Supreme Court decided his case. About 300,000 ballots had been printed without his name on it, but were temporarily set aside.

The Chicago Tribune reported that a cheer went up in Emanuel's headquarters upon the court news.

Emanuel is leading polls by the Tribune and others in the race to succeed Richard Daley as mayor.

The major candidates for mayor -- Emanuel, Gery Chico, Carol Moseley Braun and Miguel del Valle -- are scheduled to meet tonight in the first televised debate of the race.

Early voting in Chicago begins on Monday. The election is on Feb. 22.

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