Night Raid Footages Shows UAE Police Capturing The Alleged Abu Dhabi Mall Killer

Police reveal the killing suspect had other targets.

Police in the United Arab Emirates have arrested a woman they believe fatally stabbed an American teacher, Ibolya Ryan. They added the suspect was not a “lone wolf” and her house was “a base of [terror] operations.”

The deceased 37-year-old – a single mother of 11-year-old twins – reportedly got into an argument with her attacker inside a restroom of Boutik Mall, in Abu Dhabi, which soon spiraled into a physical altercation and ended with her getting fatally stabbed.

Although the unidentified woman, dubbed the “Al Reem Ghost” for wearing a full-face veil, managed to escape, the city’s law enforcement forces captured a suspect in less than three days.

The detained woman has been identified as Dalal al Hashemi, a 38-year-old UAE citizen of Yemeni origin.

Footage released by the Abu Dhabi Police shows them arresting a woman. During the night-time raid, the team also found a man inside the home during the raid but he was – surprisingly – not taken into custody.

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Colonel Rashid Borshid of the Abu Dhabi police told a news conference that the alleged assailant was not a “lone wolf” and her home was described as a "base of operations." He added she is believed to have placed a makeshift bomb outside the front door of an apartment of an American doctor living in the UAE less than two hours after killing Ryan.

Fortunately, the bomb was dismantled and no one was hurt.

"The face-covered suspect is now in police custody," Interior Minister Sheikh Saif bin Zayed al-Nahayan said, after Borshi added the case is now under investigation.

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