You Won’t Believe What These Flight Attendants Have To Go Through

There’s no chance in the airline industry for female flight attendants who want to get married or have children.

qatar airways flight attendants policy

Qatar Airways may be a fancy airline that boasts of being the “world's 5-star airline” – but when it comes to hiring its female flight attendants, the airline sounds like its operating out of the dark ages.

Maybe the dark ages are a bit of a stretch because back then women were burned at the stake, but it’s not much better.

According to The Washington Post, the world’s 10th largest air carrier does not hire women as flight attendants unless they’re single. Furthermore, they’ve to remain single for five years after they’ve been hired. And if they want to get married, they must get permission from their employers.

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Then there’s the matter of pregnancy. As per their contract, Qatar Airways' female flight attendants must inform their employer of a pregnancy as soon as they find out, knowing that it’s a breach that can lead to the employee's termination.

What’s more, in Qatar, where a large number of the work force comprises expatriates, losing a work contract can often result in deportation.

Qatar Airways defends itself by saying that all employees sign a contract knowing these details. But that doesn’t mean having such policies is fair and operating upon the grounds of equality.

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