Energy Drinks Can Kill Children

That can of Monster or Red Bull are awesome for the Iron Man or pulling all-nighters, but keep them away from your kids.

A new medical study shows that energy drinks are sending young children to the emergency room. Some 40 percent of calls to poison centers involved children and energy-drink consumption.

The children had serious side effects including irregular heart rhythms and seizures.  It could it be the caffeine, experts say.

Little surprise that most of the kids were under six. The colorful and fizzy drinks can easily be mistaken as soda or juice, and can easily be found in yes, the frig.

"They didn’t go to a store and buy it; they found it in the refrigerator, or left by a parent or an older sibling," Dr. Steven Lipshultz, the study’s co-author, told Live Science. Dr. Lipschultz presented the research at a American Heart Association meeting on Nov. 17.

So if you had children keep close tabs on where you store the Monster, Red Bull and Amp.  Plus hyper kids are hard to handle anyway (see below video). 

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