4 Years Of Freedom Taught This Talking Parrot Spanish

The bird went from English to Spanish in just 4 years.

A Parrot

An English-speaking parrot that -- like his owner -- had a thick British accent when he disappeared four years ago, and now that he has been found, he speaks Spanish, reports the DailyBreeze.com.

Darren Chick lives in Torrance, California, where his African grey parrot, Nigel, disappeared in 2010. He had adopted the bird from a pet store, and it soon started mimicking the utterances as well as the accent of his owner.

But then one day, Nigel flew and was never to be seen again, until Teresa Micco – an associate veterinarian – found him while looking for her own lost African grey parrot.

She scanned the bird's microchip, and found the contact information of a pet store. One thing led to another, and soon Nigel was reunited with Chick.

The reunion was supposed to be an emotional event, but it turned into one of surprise when the parrot started mumbling phrases in Spanish instead of English. Not only had his language of communication changed, but he had apparently also forgotten his classic English manners. Upon being reacquainted with his master, he immediately bit him, although he has since settled down.

There are no clues whatsoever about where and with whom Nigel spent the last four years of his adventurous life. But it would be safe to presume that person speaks Spanish.

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