Erin Brockovich Shares Shocking Photos Of US Water Quality

You don't expect conditions like this in the First World, because companies in the First World have the means to not have to cut corners.

Erin Brockovich, the famed environmental activist and legal clerk who was instrumental in building the 1993 case against PG&E, and whose story was adapted into an Oscar-winning film, is at it again. And this time, she has the pictures to prove it.

Okay... who pooped in the tub? This is the Drinking Water being sold (at very high prices) to the consumers of Greater...

Posted by Erin Brockovich on  Monday, August 3, 2015

Yesterday, Brockovich shared two pictures of the repulsive quality of water being offered to consumers served by the Greater Ouachita Water Company in Monroe, Louisiana. Both the images are of turbid brown bathtub water, but this same water is marketed as “safe to drink,” by the company—and sold, Brockovich claims, at very high prices to boot.

My email is overflowing... I am receiving investigation request from all over the country. Is this the United...

Posted by Erin Brockovich on  Monday, August 3, 2015

Two hours later, Brockovich added a similar photo from Hugo, Oklahoma, proving that this isn’t just a localized issue. The systems in both areas are operated by a single water company: Severn Trent, which is based in the UK but which is responsible for water quality in several areas in the UK, US, mainland Europe, and a fraction of the Middle East.

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Some might argue that Brockovich has no proof beyond these (as yet unconfirmed) photos, but the thousands of comments in response to the photo suggest that the issue is well-known, and that people have been unable to convince their water providers to take responsibility or fix the situation in any way.

What's more, the issue may not be limited to Monroe and Hugo alone:

What’s more, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality informed consumers this past May that the drinking water in Hugo, Oklahoma is unsafe for human consumption due to inadequate levels of chlorine and high levels of turbidity (measure of lack of transparency in water due to presence of suspended particulates). This corroborates the claims made by Brockovich and her followers.

But it appears that Greater Ouachita Water Company and Severn Trent Water have failed to make this clear to consumers, remedy the problem, or even take accountability for their product. 

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