Even With Bobbi Kristina On Deathbed, Her Relatives Are Still Vultures

She may be dying, but those around her are already dead – inside.

Bobbi Kristina

As Bobbi Kristina Brown fights for her life, her relatives are apparently trying to make a buck off her illness, claims Us Weekly.

Citing inside sources, the celebrity magazine revealed that some members of her extended family are demanding thousands of dollars as well as other perks – including car services and hotel stays – from media outlets to divulge info and do interviews.

While it is a fairly routine media practice to pay sources for scoops, one doesn't expect family members of a celebrity to try to profit from her plight – especially when she is on her deathbed. It shows the kind of vultures Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's only child was surrounded by before she slipped into coma last month.

Early exposure to media, presence of paparazzi and her parents' drug problems are often used to explain Bobbi Kristina's problems, but not many realize that her family members also played their part in pushing her to the edge.

After rumors regarding her failing health went into overdrive – courtesy of the aforementioned relatives – her father Bobby was forced to release a media statement via his lawyer.

"At this time it is requested that the media cease speaking with unauthorized members of the family," family lawyer Christopher Brown told Us Today last week. "The integrity of the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina must remain uncompromised. Various members of the family have provided media interviews, however, none of them are approved visitors to see Bobbi Kristina. None of them have firsthand knowledge of Bobbi Kristina’s treatment and the medical staff at Emory University Hospital has not communicated with them."

This latest revelation and numerous other incidents prove that the life of a celebrity kid isn't as rosy as people think. Sure, there is money and game, but does it make up for the lack of a normal life?

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