Russia Castrates Russian Facebook

It is an already established fact that social media constitutes as a colossal threat to an authoritarian regime, such as that of Russia. Such establishments relentlessly look for new ways to control and offset the political disdain perpetuated by the media.

Pavel Durov

While television news and print will always have a place of their own, they don’t quite match up to the prowess of the Internet. Unfortunately, Russia has a firm understanding of this.

That’s why it ousted the “Mark Zuckerberg” of Russia, Pavel Durov is on the run for it.

The founder and once CEO of VK, – a top-notch website that parallels Facebook in terms of popularity and user interface in Russia, Durov has been forced to relinquish his title as the CEO.

At first glance, you may not grasp the severity of these actions. Think of it like this: it’s akin to Obama driving Mark Zuckerberg out of Facebook. You just can’t do that.

Durov claims he fled Russia just one day after he was driven out of the company.  He asserts that he felt threatened by Kremlin officials.

According to him, the “Russian Facebook” is presently “under the complete control” of two oligarchs that enjoy friendly ties with none other than Vladimir Putin. Something smells funny.

The Mark Zuckerberg Of Russia Has Made A Run For It:


Poor Durov had been fighting for social media freedom for the last 7 years.

He outright refused to surrender valuable user data to the Russian law enforcement, a move which was bound to land him in Kremlin’s bad books. According to the Moscow Times, Kremlin wants to tighten its clasp on the internet. Hence, it goes without saying that the social media site that boasts 239 million users piqued their fancy.

The former CEO had to silence ceaseless Kremlin requests to censor VK similar to how it filters other forms of social media. Now that VK is under absolute state control, it will be only so long before that happens.

Why Social Media Should Never Be State-Owned:

A state-owned social media website renders social media impotent. Not only does it defeat the purpose, it wipes it clean; obliterates it. It simply doesn’t work.


This efficiently allows Russia to contrive and systematically broadcast factional coverage and half truths in respect to government dealings. Just like its TV news and print that is shamelessly censored, partisan and self praising, VK will serve as one more operation tool.

For arguments sake, let’s presume that the people won’t be influenced by the screened news that could land on their homepage. There is unfortunately no redemption from the insurmountable user data the government will own.

Now this poses a serious problem for many a reason. The starkest being that the state will always know what you’re up to. With everything at their disposal, who’s speaking out against the government, who’s not – all of it is in the state’s knowledge. What Does This Mean For The People?

The key purpose of a typical media outlet is to allow for unrestrained and unseasoned real-time information to the public without neither fear nor favor.

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