Squatters Take Over Soldier's Home And Refuse To Leave

Lauren Burgoon
Veterans groups are outraged as two convicted criminals refuse to leave a soldier's home.

Soldiers returning from war have a lot of expectations for their homecoming. One thing they don't expect: squatters have set up in their homes.

Two squatters moved into Army Spc. Michael Sharkey's home while he was deployed in Afghanistan and later stationed in Hawaii, according to WFLA. Sharkey had left his home in the care of a friend, who hired another man to do work on the home.

That man, Julio Ortiz, allegedly moved in and changed the locks after the work was done, even though Sharkey and the caretaker said he was never invited or authorized to, the NBC affiliate reported. When Ortiz claimed he had a verbal contract to live there, the case suddenly became a lot more complicated. Instead of kicking out an unwanted house guest, it turned into an eviction battle.

After WFLA reported on the story, veterans groups jumped to Sharkey's aid and promised to make life uncomfortable Ortiz and his girlfriend, who both have criminal records. Their efforts appear to be paying off: 

Squatters moving out of New Port Richey soldier's home