Explosions Rock Libyan Capital; Opposition Seeks 'Heavy' Weapons

Loud explosions and heavy anti-aircraft gunfire rang out early Wednesday in the Libyan capital, hours after the nation's defiant leader vowed to win his battle with coalition forces.

The sources of the blasts and gunfire in western Tripoli were unclear, but there is a large military base in the area.

U.S. officials said while coalition forces conducted airstrikes Tuesday night, they did not "specifically target anything" in the capital.

Four days of military strikes by French, Britain and the United States' forces have rendered Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's long-range air defenses and his air force largely ineffective, military officials have said.

But on the ground, forces loyal to the ruler continued their assault on towns with a rebel presence.

"Tanks and snipers are in the center of the city," a witness said early Wednesday, about the western port city of Misrata. "The people are living in a state of fear. Electricity has been cut off, water has been cut off."