Extremists Vow To Avenge Militant Deaths

(SKY News)

Extremists linked to al Qaeda say they will avenge the killing by Israel of two Palestinian militants in Gaza.

The threat - which was unusually made in Hebrew rather than Arabic - emerged in a recording posted on a website used by radicals affiliated with the terrorist group.

It came after an Israeli air strike killed Islam Yasin and his brother Mohamed, both senior operatives in the Army of Islam - a shadowy Islamist militant group that claims to be inspired by al Qaeda.

Three bystanders were injured as their car was ripped apart by a missile on a street in northern Gaza.

In the half-minute message, a male voice tells the "aggressor Jews" they will not be safe from rockets and other attacks until they "leave the land of Palestine".

He claims to belong to Jemaa Ansar al-Sunna, or Community of Sunna Supporters, a group similar to the Army of Islam.

Israelis say Yasin was recently "personally involved in directing and planning a terror attack which was to involve the kidnapping of Israelis in the Sinai Peninsula".

A statement from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) claims he operated with Muhammad Jamal Fares Namnam, who was also killed in an Israeli air strike on November 3.

The Army of Islam was allegedly involved in the kidnappings of BBC journalist Alan Johnston and Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Mr Johnston was released after three months, but Shalit remains in the hands of his Gazan captors more than four years after he was abducted.

Gaza has been controlled by Hamas since a violent takeover in June 2007.

A number of smaller Islamist groups, some more extreme and others more aligned with salafist Islamic ideology, also operate in the strip.

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