Facebook Stalking Now Legal For Italian Employers

Italy’s Supreme Court has ruled that employers are now allowed to spy on their workers’ Facebook activity.

Employers in Italy now have the right to spy on their employees’ Facebook activity at work, according to a ruling by the country’s Supreme Court.

The court ruled in favor of a boss who fired his worker when he caught the worker talking to a woman on Facebook, instead of working. Little did he know, the woman was a fake profile created by his boss. That may seem a bit iffy on the boss’s part, but the court said that he was allowed to create the profile in order to monitor his employee’s Facebook use. Not only is that monitoring use, it’s also deceiving an employee – but, apparently, that’s legal now.

We seriously hope this ruling doesn’t cross over into the U.S., or we’ll all need to be more careful about our social media use at work. Even the best of us know that logging into Facebook at least once while on the job is just short of an addiction. For Italians, though, that bad habit will have to be broken.

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