Man Claims ALS Donations Being Misused

A man claims to have proof showing only 7% of ALS challenge donations go towards research.

Ice Bucket Challenge Celeb

The ice bucket challenge is the latest Internet sensation. People, including celebrities all over the world have been undertaking the challenge to raise awareness as well as donations for ALS- amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ‘Lou Gehrig's disease,’ a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

But when Jose Canaura was nominated for the challenge, he decided to do a bit of research instead of blindly following the norm.

What he claims to have found is really disappointing.

He checked the financial statements of the ALS accounts and what he found wasn’t very heartening. 

Canaura shared his finding on Facebook:


What is apparent from this is the fact that hardly any of the collected funds are actually going towards the cause. In fact, only 7.71% of the funds are actually going into ALS research. About 10% of the amount is allotted for the administrative costs and the fundraising budget is 18.11%.

What’s more, the major chunk, 63.63% to be precise, is ordained for ‘Other Program Activities’, which doesn’t really explain anything (Canaura feels it goes to pay for the charity administration’s cars and clothes.)

It makes you wonder where most of the $88.5 Million collected so far will go, doesn’t it?

It’s disappointing really to see so much charity going to waste, or at least not going where it is supposed to.

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On the other hand, people all over the Internet are following the trend in almost a frenzy. But that is how internet sensations work right? And that is why such causes take to the net and social media in particular to spread the word and make their campaigns successful.

A disappointed Canaura asks his followers to donate money to serious research based organizations working to find a cure for ALS such as Angel Funds.

It goes to show how easy it is to fall victim to Internet trends and follow them blindly. Countless people with good intentions and the objective of helping a cause gave hard earned money to the charity. If only a slim percentage of it is actually doing anything productive; it’s a great big shame!

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