Fake Cop Pulls Over Real Cop, Lands In Jail

Pro Tip: If you are pretending to be a cop, don't pull over real cops.

John Arthur Benedict

Here is your official fail of the week. Town genius John Arthur Benedict decided to deck his white Ford Crown Victoria complete with strobe lights, a spotlight, and other emblems in order to impersonate a cop. So of course he gets busted by pulling over two cops and attempting to give them a speeding ticket. This calls for a slow clap.

69-year old Benedict noticed a speeding, unmarked SUV and flashed his strobe lights to get the car to stop. Little did he know that inside were none other than two undercover detectives. The two detectives of course realized that he was a fake, followed him, and eventually got him to confess.

Benedict defended his behavior to NBC-2 saying it was merely a “senior moment,” but his ex-wife claims otherwise. She said this wasn’t the first time he was caught and arrested for impersonating the police.

He has been arrested and will be charged on May 11. Currently he is released on a $6,500 bond.



NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral



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