Fake Plastic Surgeon Treats Over 50 Patients Before Being Caught

What's to blame in such a scenario? Greed? Mental illness? Active malice? A culture that drives people to risk their health in the pursuit of beauty?

A 31-year-old man in Germany posed as a plastic surgeon and performed procedures on over 50 patients before his deception was discovered.

The patients, who had received injections of Botox and silicone into the cheeks, lips, and/or forehead, began to complain of painful swelling and numbness.

Had the man been able to keep up the pretense longer, he may have moved on to more involved procedures requiring surgery, which are often dangerous even in the hands of capable, trained professionals. The damage done could have been much worse, even fatal.

Prison for fake plastic surgeon who treated over 50 patients

Appearing before the regional court in Regensburg, the man—who remained unnamed for privacy reasons—was found guilty of fraud and grievous bodily harm. Prosecutors had asked for a five-year jail sentence, but the judge settled on four years and three months after considering the defendant’s confession and mental illness as mitigating factors.

Fake plastic surgeon in Germany

If this is true, we hope that he will be required to attend psychiatric sessions as well, since his actions were dangerous, if not actively malicious.

Also worth noting is what conditions could have possibly allowed an untrained, unlicensed person garnering so many clients. Was he really that convincing? Or are people so desperate to alter their appearance, so hell-bent on achieving an unachievable standard of beauty and enduring youth, that they’ll swallow their doubts and compromise their safety in an attempt to do so? 

fake plastic surgery

After all, counterfeit botox has found a way into the U.S. market. Is that case so different drom this one?

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