Fake! These 5 Products Are Counterfeit

Designer handbags and clothing aren't the only fakes on the market. Some can be dangerous to your health.

How about some toothpaste with antifreeze? It's not a new product for whiter teeth and fresh breath, it's counterfeit.

When you think of fake goods, you probably think of designer apparel. But counterfeiters don't stop there. Here are 5 products that get passed off as the real deal. 

1)  Contact lenses can be fake and a health hazard. “They could be stored in a solution that’s not sanitary and infect the eye, or they aren’t made right and scratch the cornea,” said Heather McDonald, chair of the International Trademark Association’s anticounterfeiting U.S. subcommittee.

2)  Fake water filters were seized this summer according to Christopher Robertson, acting director of U.S. Customs and Border Protection National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

3)  Bottles of wine were recently apprehended in Italy. Police found 30,000 counterfeit bottles of cheap wine being sold with a fancy label as a more expensive vintage.

4) Super glue not working? Fake tubes of the sticky stuff have been found in the U.S. 

5)  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police recently made a seizure of light bulbs from a company that sold untested items.

Counterfeit products may cost the global economy up to $250 billion a year, according to estimates from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. 

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