Families Of South Korean Ferry Incident Shave Heads In Protest

The families of the 300 children that died in the Sewol ferry sinking are demanding more answers.

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Families of the South Korean ferry sinking incident are shaving their heads in protest against the Korean government.

After an awful tragedy that happened last year where 300 people died in a ferry sinking off the coast of South Korea, many things have happened.

Families of the victims, mostly high school students, mourned their children and begged for answers, as they learned more and more what happened that day.

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Now, the families are shaving their heads, after they were promised compensation instead of a more thorough investigation of the accident-which might have been able to be prevented. 

The families know that money won't bring their children home, but knowing what happened and how it could be prevented in the future, might be a little more comforting.

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