Family Can Breathe Now That Both Twins Are Okay

It wasn't an easy situation, but a little patience and hope helped this family get what they needed.

twin girls, Phuoc, liver transplant

Two twins have now had successful liver transplants, after a very long and difficult journey.

When the parents of two adorable twin girls in Ontario discovered that their daughters would both need liver transplants, it was impossible to choose which one would receive it first.

They decided to leave it to the doctors to decide which young girl was the strongest candidate to have the first transplant. Phuoc turned out to be the strongest.

Phuoc came out of the hospital a month ago after receiving part of her father's liver for her transplant. Despite the relief the family had, they still needed to find a donor for Phuoc's twin sister, Binh.

Phuoc, Binh, liver transplants

After the family's story went viral, it wasn't long before Binh received an overwhelming amount of donors offering part of their liver to the second twin. A handful of candidates were quickly sorted out, and before long, Binh received her liver, too.

The girls suffer from Alagille syndrome, and without the transplants, they both would have died.

Both the girls and their parents are doing very well. 

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