Family In Minivan Stuck Under Semi, Towed 16 Miles In Blinding Snow

"We shouldn't be hard to find," the driver told the 911 operator.

This is terrifying! 

Matthew and Pamela Menz were driving with their two adult children in a minivan during white-out conditions in Michigan. 

Matthew Menz struck the rear of the semi-truck during the blinding snow about 2 a.m. Wednesday.

"We ran into the back of a semi-truck and he's not stoppin', and our car is embedded underneath of it," Pamela Menz told the 911 operator.

The family was unable to give their exact location for deputies trying to find the truck.

"We shouldn't be hard to find," said Matthew Menz, who became more concerned when the truck started speeding up. 

"If the van breaks out from underneath him, I don't have any control of this thing," Matthew Menz said. "Wherever your officers are I'd appreciate if they get in front of him and stop him."

Police say the truck driver was unaware that the minivan was lodged beneath it.

Sheriff's deputies from Crawford County eventually spotted the truck and minivan on the interstate. The truck driver stopped and pulled into a rest area, unaware of what was happening behind him.

Whew! File this one under "super lucky family"! 




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