'100-Year-Old Teenager' Dies At 17

The young girl who was compared to 'Benjamin Button' has just passed, after living a long and meaningful life.

Hayley Okines, Progeria, 17, Died

Hayley Okines, the young girl with Progeria who melted our hearts, passed away yesterday at the age of 17.

Progeria is a rare genetic disorder that essentially ages people four times faster than the average person. Those will Progeria actually experience symptoms of an older person, having problems like arthritis and heart conditions. 

Hayley became noticed and brought attention to the disease after she appeared in a few documentaries, and even wrote a book about what her life was like living with the disease.

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Most people with Progeria die around the age of thirteen-usually from a stroke or heart attack, or another health issue that typically affects older people, not children. 

Hayley however, lived quite a few years longer than the normal life expectancy, and passed at 17. Her cause of death was pneumonia.

Anyone who has seen Hayley's documentaries will see what a happy an energetic girl she was, despite her condition. She brought awareness to the disease, teaching others that although she might look different, she was still a young girl; just trapped in an older person's body.

Hayley will be remembered as the brave girl she was, and hopefully a cure for the disease will be discovered. 

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