Critically Injured Red Sox Fan Expected to Survive

Tonya Carpenter suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit in the head at Fenway Park.

Woman injured by broken bat at Fenway Park in serious condition

Boston Red Sox fan Tonya Carpenter was hit in the head by a broken baseball bat at Fenway Park on Friday. According to the Associated Press, Oakland’s Brett Lawrie broke his bat on a grounder and part of it hurtled a few rows into the seats between the backstop and Oakland's dugout on the third base side, where it struck Carpenter in the head.

Carpenter is now in serious condition, but she is recovering and expected to survive.

"You have a ballpark here that's how old, and it's close, you have some maple bats that break. I think MLB and the players' association have talked long and hard about how they can try to keep this from happening," Oakland manager Bob Melvin said. I have a suggestion – stop using wooden bats. You would think that, with the technological advances of the modern age, we would have invented unbreakable bats by now. Or, at least put up nets. Hopefully, MLB will learn how to avoid this kind of thing in the future.

Below is the video on what happened, from ESPN.

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