Fatah Activists Launch Campaign To Overthrow Hamas In Gaza

Despite all the turmoil of the Egyptian revolution and counter revolution, the bloodshed and atrocities, it has been a beacon of hope for many, including a faction of Palestinians as well.

Despite all the turmoil of the Egyptian revolution and counter revolution, the bloodshed and atrocities, it has been a beacon of hope for many, including a faction of Palestinians as well.

It has in fact given rise to new Palestinian movement called the Tamarod Movement in Gaza (Tamarod meaning "Rebellion" in Arabic).

The movement initiated by a group of Palestinian youth aims to rebel against the Hamas movement in Gaza Strip.

The above video shows people urging to protest and rebel against tyrannies and oppression by the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. Their message being, “They have practiced fraud in the name of religion and resistance declaring themselves as believers while they labeled us as disbelievers,” and that, “We can’t remain silent any more, and those who count on our defeat are mistaken losers, while those who count on our tolerance should know that tolerance could come to an end.”

They even give November 11, 2013 as the D-Day!  

 “It is time we rejected death forcibly under Hamas’ pretext of security. Our people, regardless of their political and even religious affiliations, have been targeted by their criminality,” the statement in the video says.

“Those who carry resistance fighters’ rifles must stop pointing these rifles at their own people, and stop scaring, stabbing, betraying them and trading their pains.”

The masked man in the video goes on to say that the Hamas of today is not the same Hamas as Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the movement's founder, intended for it to be and has been hijacked.

Under Sheikh Ahmed Yassin Hamas evolved from the Muslim Brotherhood in the late 1960s. They have always had severe Islamic and conservative tendencies as opposed to Fatah who are more secular.

Hamas officials in Gaza not only accuse Fatah of being behind the video saying, “We are witnessing attempts by Fatah to instigate tensions in the Gaza Strip,” but have also initiated a crackdown on activists suspected to be behind the movement.

However, Fatah claims its members and leaders are being targeted in northern Gaza as part of a Hamas campaign against the movement.

Hamas has been ruling Gaza since 2007 where as Fatah has dominated the Palestinian government in the West Bank. Hamas is said to have imposed many controversial laws like ending co-ed schools.

The Palestinian Fatah Movement's Revolutionary Council has asked for elections in Palestine but have been over-ruled by Hamas even though it could potentially be a good step towards ending the divide between Hamas and Fatah.

Hamas and Fateh are Palestine’s two largest Palestinian political parties. Their conflict goes back to the 1993 Oslo peace accord with Israel. But the agreement of Palestine Liberation Organization and Fateh leader Yasser Arafat with Israel was rejected by the Hamas.

The tension escalated when Hamas started a series of bomb attacks inside Israel.

When Yasser Arafat died in 2004, Fateh’s new leader Mahmoud Abbas was elected as the president. Hamas however boycotted the elections.

In 2005 President Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon formally agreed to a mutual cessation of violence.  Mahmoud Abbas has for long upheld the perusal of peace between Israel and Palestine amd heavily opposed Hamas’ armed resistance as well as attacks on Israeli civilians.

Needless to say, tensions between Hamas and Fatah have only escalated with time, reaching an apex with the revolution and ousting of Morsi in Egypt. Fatah is adamant upon getting rid of Hamas now, calling the supporters of Hamas as medieval gangsters.

When all is said and done, November 11th is not that far off. What remains to be seen is whether there will be enough momentum behind the people out to bring Hamas down or not and if they do what would the result be.

Also, the aftereffects of the Tamarod (if it succeeds) with respect to peace between Israel and Palestine also remain to be seen.

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