This Father-Son Duo Built A 38-Ft. Luxury Yacht In Their Backyard

They may not have had Noah’s mission to build an ark but this father-son duo did a pretty good job of making a yacht out of nothing.

It took John Couzens and his son Dan six years, but they did it: The adventurous duo made a 38-foot, 8-ton luxury yacht right in their backyard.

All they had to begin with was an Evolution 38i hull and a mission.

Here are some glimpses of their pet project:

Luxury Yacht In Backyard

Luxury Yacht In Backyard

And here’s the finished product they had to pay $16,000 for an oversized crane to lift onto a truck:

Luxury Yacht In Backyard

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The years of guts and patient hard work paid off and the boat now rests at Ramsgate Harbournear the Couzens’ Broadstairs home in Kent, England, awaiting safety checks so that it can set sail.

"Getting it into the water was another momentous step because it didn't sink," said the elder Couzens.

"We think it will take another four months to get everything sorted in terms of life-jackets and safety precautions.

"The next big moment for us as a family will be getting it out to sea."

The project took over their lives and it was by no means an easy task. It took over their lives for eight long years.

John Couzens have some amends to make now. “My wife Alison had to put up with that boat house for six years so I've promised her now it's in the water she can have a new kitchen,” he promises.

Here’s a video report showing how this father and son’s dream became a reality:

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