Father Mourns 8 Year Old Son Killed at Boston Marathon (Video)

A father mourns the loss of his son after the tragic Boston Marathon bombings.

Martin Richard, the third victim of the Boston Marathon bombings that took place yesterday, was killed when the second bomb detonated during his flee from the first explosion.  Waiting on the sidelines with his mother, sister, and older brother, the family had just returned from the ice cream shop and were waiting for their father William to cross the finish line to victory at the Boston Marathon when the explosions shook the crowd to its knees.

Martin Richard, 8, killed at the Boston Marathon bombings

“They were always together,” Jane Sherman, a neighbor of the Richard family in Dorchester, told the Boston Globe.  “This is the worst tragedy I have ever been through in my life.  It’s a horrific situation.”

Mother Denise and Martin’s 6-year-old sister Jane were severely injured while trying to flee the shrapnel, and the father received minor injuries when fragments of the bomb ricocheted off of his legs.  The older brother has escaped serious injury, but he is shocked and traumatized by what he has witnessed. Two other people have died in the explosions, 176 people have been wounded, and 17 of those remain in critical condition.  The family is struggling to come to terms with yesterday’s events.

“My dear son Martin has died from injuries sustained in the attack on Boston,” William Richards said in a public statement today. “My wife and daughter are both recovering from serious injuries.  We thank our family and friends, those we know and those we have never met, for their thoughts and prayers.  I ask that you continue to pray for my family as we remember Martin.  We also ask for your patience and for privacy as we work to simultaneously grieve and recover.”

Today a candle is burning on the family’s front porch, and a kind passerby has written “Peace” in chalk on the sidewalk outside of the home.  Neighbor Dan Aguilar told a reporter from the Boston Globe, “That little boy will never come home again.  It’s still unreal.  I have no words.  I have no words.”

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