Father Shoots Daughter During Lesson About Gun Safety

One 12-year-old girl is lucky to still be alive after her father shot her in the arm while, ironically, trying to teach her about gun safety.

A 12-year-old Florida girl was shot in the arm Sunday night by her own father while he was trying to teach her about gun safety.

The incident occurred in Davie, Florida where the daughter and father live. The father was trying to show his daughter how to draw a gun and it went off, police said.

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"There was blood running down her leg," said Kara Perez, a neighbor who stepped outside after hearing the gunshot. "She had white shorts on, so you could tell her whole front and side were full of blood.”

Perez also said the father appeared very calm and you could see in the girl's face she was in pain. 

Luckily, the young girl didn’t sustain any life-threatening injuries and she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Davie police said that after interviewing the girl and her dad separately, they believe the shooting was an accident.

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Names of the father and daughter have not been released as the investigation is ongoing and Child Protective Services is involved. But the real question here is, why does a 12-year-old need to know how to use a gun? 

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