Father Writes "Thank You" To Boy Who Planned School Bombing

After a boy was caught planning a bombing at a school in Oklahoma, this father reached out with a sympathetic letter.

Dad Wrote 'To the Teen Who Planned to Kill My Son' in HS Bomb Plot

In Edmond, Oklahoma, a student is under custody after telling his friends that he was plotting to do a mass shooting at his school.

Two students came forward expressing concern that their friend was suicidal and unstable. The administration arranged for the student to be taken to an in-patient treatment facility, after which therapists discovered that he was planning to kill several at the school. Police searched the kid’s home and found bomb components as well as blueprints for explosives.

Officials are thanking the students who came forward. Director of Public Information for the school, Susah Parks-Schlepp, said, “If you have a gut feeling about something, if you believe somebody else is hurting or that they are reaching out, or they are in need of care to please come forward."

The student has not been charged, but may get convicted for “possession of explosives.” He will not be returning the school.

One father reacted to this teen’s intentions in a surprising matter. He wrote a letter and posted it on the internet where it soon went viral. The letter was called “To the Teen Who Planned to Kill My Son.”

Despite the fact that Charles Martin, the father of a freshman at Edmond North High, probably feared greatly for the safety of his son, he unexpectedly extended a message of sympathy and hope to the troubled student.

Martin said “Even if what he was going to do was monstrous, he is a human being.”

Read his full letter on the Facebook post below.


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