Ferguson In Flames After Grand Jury’s Decision On Mike Brown Shooting Reignites Protests

Officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted. A grand jury found there was no probable cause to charge police Officer Darren Wilson with any crime for fatally shooting African-American teenager Michael Brown,

A decision that immediately reignited the flare of mass protests in the predominantly black city of Ferguson, Missouri, in August.

"They determined that no probable cause exists to file any charge against Officer Wilson," St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch told reporters in Clayton, Missouri.

As soon as the judgment was announced, gunshots were reportedly heard and bottles were thrown by angry supporters of Brown outside the Ferguson Police Department. The police officers in riot gear were pelted with bottles and cans as the crowd shouted, "Murderers, you're nothing but murderers.” 

Ferguson Jury

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Ferguson Jury

Ferguson Jury


Ferguson Jury

Brown's family expressed their disappointment in a statement released by their attorney.

"We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions," Brown's family said in the statement. "While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen."

President Barack Obama also addressed the nation shortly after the decision was announced, urging protesters to be calm and peaceful.

“First and foremost we are a nation built on the rule of law, so we need to accept the decision was the grand jury’s to make,” he said. “There are Americans who agree with it, and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed… It’s an understandable reaction. I join Michael’s parents in asking anyone who protests this decision to do so peacefully.”

At the exact moment Obama mentioned not throwing bottles in protest, bottles started flying on newscasts from Ferguson.

Despite repeated requests from authorities to maintain calm, it looks like Ferguson is yet again on the verge of becoming a war zone.

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