Ferguson Library Keeps Its Doors Open Amid Violence And Mayhem

There's hope for Ferguson yet. This library is the best example of how a lot of good can come out of bad as well.

Ferguson Library

Since August, 2014, Ferguson has hardly seen a day that hasn’t been marked by tense or volatile conditions. Things only got worse after the grand jury found police Officer Darren Wilson not guilty of fatally shooting African-American teenager Michael Brown.

Protests broke out all over the city and soon turned into riots and clashes with the police.

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A beacon of light and a definite sign of hope in all the chaos is the Ferguson Municipal Public Library that has its doors open amid the rioting and protests for one and all.  

Located in the suburb of St. Louis, Missouri the church kept its doors open despite the violence and uncertainty going on all around them.

"I spent all night agonizing about whether or not to open today," said Scott Bonner, the director and only full-time employee of the library..

But they did:

He said he wanted the library to offer a safe space, especially to children dealing with unexpected school closings.

Any time Ferguson-area schools are compelled to close, the library will host activities and an ad-hoc school for the children, he added.

"I think that when there’s all these negative stories, seeing a story where a community comes together unified behind a common cause ... it makes people remember that, you know, we’re all human beings and we’re in this together," he added.

Here’s a report on this brave and selfless act:

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The response he got was wonderful. People thanked and praised them for their efforts and even volunteered to help out. Donations poured in, which are always much needed since there are always more expenses and budget cuts than there are funds for the library.

Bonner now feels confident that the record donations that have been pouring in will help fund an even better children's program.

Even then Bonner feels there are others who need help as well and has even publicly asked the donors to divert some funds to other organizations.


Its people like Scott Bonner and the staff at the Ferguson Municipal Public Library that give hope that all is not lost and there will be a better and brighter tomorrow.

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