America’s Militarized Police Force Has Deep Roots

Ferguson riots show an urgent need to curb police brutality.

Ferguson, Missouri. has caught the world’s attention and drawn all eyes toward America’s militarized police force.
The town has erupted in destructive riots between citizens and law enforcement authorities ever since an unarmed African American teenager, Michael Brown, was shot dead by a police officer on Aug. 9. Eyewitnesses say Brown was killed while attempting to surrender.
Today, the city is has emblematic of America’s police brutality.
The seeds have sparked rallies around the country with thousands of people taking to the streets in 90 cities as part of a social media organized National Moment of Silence to protest the brutal killing.
America’s police force has a notorious record for violence against citizens and minor offenders. Extensive funding, the creation of countless SWAT teams, and an influx of heavy armor and weapons have contributed to this. The Patriot Act further legitimizes this by making allowance for techniques such as the "sneak and peak" search warrant.
Is it time for a policy shift?

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