Ferry Passengers Rescued one by one

A nightmare ordeal for 156 passengers and 33 crew trapped aboard a ferry for more than 24-hours has finally come to an end. A ship belonging to the Stena line was forced to turn back to Stranraer in Scotland after a 35 tonne lorry and trailer broke free and burst through the ferrys rear door. The ship was unable to dock because of the jammed doors and gale force winds meaning passengers had to be taken off one at a time with the aid of a mechanical platform. One of the first passengers rescued, Kerry Cooper said: "Everything was going fine until about half way through the journey when there was a big shudder and everybody was wondering what was going on. "A guy who was sitting near us came running in and said youll never believe it a lorry fell off the back." The HSS Stena Voyager had only just gone back into service on Monday after a £1 million refit.