Festival Fire Kills Four in South Korea

Four people have died and at least 70 were injured after a traditional festival fire turned into an inferno in South Korea. Police are searching for additional casualties after the fire burned out of control amid strong winds. The blaze started when organisers torched reed-like plants at the top of Hwawang mountain as part of an event marking the first full moon of the Chinese Lunar New Year, with some 15,000 spectators attending. Fanned by sudden winds, the flames spread over firebreaks and forced spectators to flee. Four of them, who were on top of a large rock to get a better view of the festival, fell about 10 yards to their deaths while trying to dodge the fire. Some 350 police, backed by two helicopters, searched the mountain on Tuesday to see if there were any other victims, but new casualties are unlikely, an officer said. The fire also left about 70 spectators injured, mostly with burns. About 20 of them remained hospitalised, the officer said.