Few In Wash. City Are Angry At Acid Hoax Woman

"The scars on her face were real, but her story about being splashed with acid was a horrific hoax. A day after Bethany Storro's revelation turned the victim who drew worldwide sympathy into a curiosity and the object of much derision, few who banded together here to collect money for her medical bills were angry with her on Friday. They were just puzzled: What could bring the 28-year-old grocery store worker to disfigure herself in such a public way, and invent a tale about a black woman assaulting her with a cup of acid? Friend John Pax, whose gym hosted a fundraiser that netted nearly $1,000, said no one has asked for their money back yet. ""No one's angry,"" he said. ""We just worry about her."" Storro's parents, Joe and Nancy Neuwelt, apologized Friday outside their Vancouver home, saying they were ""deeply sorry"" and adding that all money donated to their daughter will be returned. Joe Neuwelt said they believed their daughter's account until she admitted to police Thursday that her injuries were self-inflicted. ""There was no reason to doubt her at all,"" he said as he and his wife took turns reading from a statement. Nancy Neuwelt said she doesn't know why her daughter fabricated the story but acknowledged Storro is ""obviously dealing with some deep internal emotional and psychological problems."" ""Now she can begin to heal because the truth has been revealed,"" her mother said."