Here Is How Two MPs Ended An Argument In Taiwan's Parliament

These lawmakers gave the country a quick lesson on how to devolve an argument into complete chaos.

The island of Taiwan has been shaken by a brawl that unraveled in its Parliament.


During a session of the Parliament in Taiwan, where representatives of the people come to discuss and debate policies that will affect their constituents, a scuffle broke out between two of its members.

The ruling party Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was accused of being generous to counties that had favored it in elections, and neglecting the rest of the country.

MPs from the opposing Kuomintang (KMT) Party started to chant against President Tsai Ing-wen's policies. Incensed, a DPP lawmaker Chiu Yi-ying walked up to them and an argument ensued.

KMT MP Hsu Shu-hua is definitely not one to hold back. In the brawl that followed, the two lawmakers tried to tear themselves from the hands that restrained them and launch an attack at the other. Chiu was even slapped across the face.

The president of the Legislative Yuan, Su Chia-chyuan, desperately and repeatedly called for order and reminded the representatives that they were being watched by people in the country and around the world.

Talking to local media later, Chiu accused Hsu and two other MPs from the rival party of assaulting her and said the ruling party was "promoting violence."

Although Hsu has said she regrets her behavior, she has refused to apologize to Chiu.

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