Filipino Worker Recounts Torture By Employer In Saudi Arabia

Amna Shoaib
The Filipino woman claimed she was forced to work with no wages and subjected to physical abuse at work.

Of all the markets that thrive in Gulf countries today, it seems the most bustling is that of underpaid, overworked domestic workers from the "third world."

This reality was again driven home with a post from Facebook user Juniere Mendoza.

Mendoza was on his way to Quatif in Saudi Arabia when he reportedly came across an OFW (Oversees Filipino Worker). According to photos posted online by Mendoza, the tearful domestic worker narrated the torturous experience of working in the Gulf kingdom, which is notorious for its human rights abuse record.

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In between sobs, the woman claimed she has been living in Saudi Arabia for four months but the salary she received was only for a month and half.

The tearful woman also revealed that even on days when she is not well, her employer still forces her to work. Allegedly, her employer also physically abuses her if she makes a mistake.

During the video, an Arab man also appears, having mistakenly assumed that Mendoza and the woman were up to something. However, they were able to convince him of their situation.

This isn’t the first time such an incident has been reported in Saudi Arabia. The kingdom is extremely hard on its workers, especially foreign ones, and there have been cases where employers have raped, mutilated or beaten their workers — sometimes even to death.

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