Gamers Pay Tribute To Player Dying In Real Life

People who think the gaming world is only about violence and sexism should know about this.

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Video game culture just hit the spot on becoming very real and very humane. Over the weekend, an online gaming community held a vigil in the world of Final Fantasy in memory of a fallen player who was actually lying on his death bed in a hospital in real life.

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Codex Vahlda, a 29-year old whose real name remains unknown but who’s a player in Final Fantasy XIV, had complications that came about from renal failure, leading to his death. He was kept alive on life support so that friends and family could say goodbye.

The people who gathered in his memory included his online friends and even strangers from the gaming world. Reportedly, hundreds of players turned up at Free Company house to pay homage to him. The event may not seem real given that it took place in the virtual world, but for the family who saw it live streamed, it meant a lot.

Codex Vahlda passed away from complications that arose from renal failure. His real life best friend, who posted the thread on Reddit alerting the gaming community of his ailment, said “The odds were one in a million something like this could have happened; everything was otherwise under control.”

The players gathered at a spot in the gaming world, called Free Company house, and cast magical spells thinking of him. The post on Imgur that documented the vigil read: “for Codex Vahlda, who's logging out.”

That’s certainly an argument against the people who think video games can’t be real.

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