Financial Exec Says Rihanna's Hot Because She's 'Not Too Dark'

A celebrity finance firm is under fire due to claims that the company is run by racist misogynists who made degrading comments about Rihanna and other women.

New York-based financial management firm, Flynn Family Office, has allegedly been making sexist and racist comments about its female staff members and celebrity clients including, Bad Gal Ri Ri herself.

The company is being sued by its former head of marketing who claims he was fired for objecting to the misogynistic remarks made by other executives.

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According to court documents reviewed by the New York Post, Robert Solomon is claiming that one of the firm’s partners, Alan Kufeld, often made comments about the attractiveness of women and the color of their skin.

Kufeld even allegedly went as far as to say that singer and client Rihanna is “hot” because she’s “not too dark” in a conversation about which Caribbean nationalities are most attractive according to skin complexion.


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Solomon referred to the nature of such comments as a “locker-room mentality.”  Kufeld also allegedly made a comment about a new intern that he hoped “had a body like her mom.”

The court papers also indicate that the company’s chief operating officer Rick Flynn would join Kufeld in discussing the attractiveness of female assistants and in one specific instance said that one of the women “lost points” with him because she was too dark.

Solomon's lawyer Walker Harman reportedly told the Post, “It's ironic and disturbing that an organization that sought high-profile women as clients would have such a sexist and misogynistic culture.”

Although the company has issued a statement denying the allegations, calling them “baseless claims,” we wouldn’t be surprised if they turn out to be 100% true.

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Western beauty standards have always praised lighter skin over darker skin for all ethnicities, creating a divide within minority communities that is still prevalent today. The skin bleaching epidemic, hiding from the sun and colorism are all issues stemming from the widespread condemnation of dark skin. 

The news of the behavior at this firm follows a recent social media hashtag movement, #FlexinMyComplexion which aims to celebrate the varying skin tones of women of color, promote diversity in mainstream media, and praise the beauty of dark skin. 


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