Firefighter's Unusual Move Saves A Suicidal Woman In China

Amna Shoaib
Watch the incredible moment a firefighter took the leap of faith and saved a life.

High above the street on the seventh floor of a building in China, a dramatic scene was unfolding. A woman was sitting with one of her legs hanging off the window.

This life, she had decided, was not worth living. Around her stood rescue workers imploring her to not put the next foot forward, to not take the step that would end her life.

But unbeknownst to the woman, the person who gave her a new lease on life was already inching toward her. He was quiet, careful to not startle her into taking the leap. Standing on the seventh floor, he held the hedge with both hands and swung himself around it.

He then kicked the woman several times, and made sure she couldn’t jump off. These kicks, as any onlooker would tell you, were what saved the woman’s life.

The woman has since been taken into police custody and hopefully, to receive psychiatric help.

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