First Baby Bison Born In 200 Years Means Things Are Changing

Well, this is really good news. The first wild bison born in two hundred years in Illinois has just made the history books, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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The bison was born at the Nachusa Grasslands, a preservation site that certainly needs to be given credit for this amazing news.

The preserve welcomed 30 bison last year, knowing some were pregnant. However, they didn't think any would give birth quite this soon. 

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Who is to blame for such a decline in the bison population? Of course, the humans. They were wiped out long ago due to 'hunting and mass slaughter'. The last time wild bison were seen roaming east of the Mississippi River was around the 1830's.

Although some bison still roam freely in certain parts of the country, the rest have mostly lived in areas like the Nachusa Grasslands where persistent conservation efforts help to re-grow the population of a species that was almost gone for good.

With this huge milestone of a baby bison being born in the wild, it shows that the efforts have worked. 

Congratulations, Mama Bison!


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